Social Security
  • Anxious and Suspicious, Citizens in Wealthy Countries Want Stronger Safety Nets

    By Michael Rainey

    People living in some of the wealthiest countries in the world are worried about their economic futures and don’t trust government programs to provide much help if and when they need it, according to...

  • What Americans Want to Do with Money Raised by Taxing the Rich

    Voters support higher taxes on the rich. But what do they want done with the revenue those taxes would raise? A new Morning Consult-Politico poll asked about a range of options. First, we should note...

  • <strong>I will spend less money once I'm retired.</strong><br/><br/>Many retirees find they end up spending more money in the first years after they leave their jobs, because they finally have the time to start raising orchids or take that trip to Europe.

    How Old Is Old?

    By Michael Rainey

    The average age of the U.S. population is rising as the baby boomers sail into their golden years, but a statistically older population may not be as problematic as some experts think. According to a...

  • Boats are seen anchored at the 17th century Nyhavn district, home to many shops and restaurants in Copenhagen

    Chart of the Day: High Tax, High Service

    By Michael Rainey

    Can the U.S. afford to dramatically increase public spending on a whole host of new programs, potentially including Medicare for All, expanded Social Security and a massive Green New Deal? That...

  • House Democrats Introduce Bill to Expand Social Security

    By Michael Rainey

    Backed by more than 200 House Democrats, Reps. John Larson (D-CT), Conor Lamb (D-PA) and Jahana Hayes (D-CT) introduced a bill Wednesday that would increase Social Security benefits. The bill would...

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